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Corporate Communications

Financial Controller

Positions requiring advanced
training in science

Who are we?

Since 2005, Probe Recruitment has been your partner in identifying and acquiring top talent.

Our personalized approach focuses on the needs of our clients and our candidates makes Probe Recruiting a partner of choice in managing your career and acquiring new talent.

Contact us to discuss your career or to help identify the candidate who will bring success to your organization.

Examples of professionals we recruit

Representative, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Sales Director, Vice President of Sales, Product Manager, Marketing Director, Vice President of Marketing, Financial Controller, Medical Liaison, Trainer.

Regions served

Canada, United States


Be sure you are known
If your details are not in our database, we cannot contact you.

Keep your profile up to date.
We can then track your career progression and contact you for the right opportunities.


In the vast majority of cases, the people you want are not active on the labour market and will not see your ads and sometimes they simply do not know of your business. You probably receive too many resumes that never meet your expectations.

Finding that rare gem, someone who will have the right skills and who will blend easily in with the rest of the team is never easy.

We are your ambassador.
We identify and personally approach candidates that meet your requirements, we explain your career opportunities and we emphasize the benefits of your business. You will receive only the profiles that match your requirements.