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Our services

Probe Recruitment operates on the basis of exclusive mandates. We offer the following services:

  • Acquisition of talent for either full or part time permanent positions;
  • Contract positions;
  • Coaching managers;
  • Interview preparation;

In collaboration with strategic partners:

  • Psychometric evaluation;
  • Reference checking;

Our recruitment strategy - how do we work?

When you assign us to a mandate, our work ideally begins with a visit to your offices to meet with you and the hiring manager, if it is someone else.

Following our meeting, we prepare our recruitment strategy:

  • Whether to display the opportunity or not
  • Identification of an initial list of potential candidates from our database
  • Active research in our network of contacts and our direct approach to potential candidates
  • We arrange face to face meetings at our offices, or virtually if the candidate is outside the province or country. No candidate will be referred without having been met first.
  • When our research is complete, we offer you 1 to 3 profiles we have selected. After our discussions we coordinate meetings with you or continue our research, as appropriate.
  • The offer is a critical step in which we are actively involved to manage expectations on both sides and to effectively represent the interests of both parties.
  • Throughout the process, we adjust to your communication needs. We suggest planning regular phone meetings at intervals suitable for both sides so you can follow the progress of your hiring project.
  • Sometimes the search process is quick and sometimes longer, but the candidates are always top quality. We maintain our efforts until we fill your need.